Exploded Views


Alcazaba Caravansary

Alcazaba Commercial Building

Alcazaba Karmia Display Board

Alcazaba Residential Building

Alcazaba Utility Buildings

Alcazaba Warsenal Studio B


Cosmica Access Panel

Cosmica Access Panel 2nd Story

Cosmica Armory

Cosmica Cube

Cosmica Objective Frame

Cosmica Armory Roof

Cosmica Coolant Facade

Cosmica Fuel Facade

Cosmica Gamma Frame

Cosmica Gamma Roof

Cosmica HAB Airlock Facade

Cosmica HAB Building

Cosmica HAB Bunks Facade

Cosmica Launch Pad

Cosmica Lockers

Cosmica Observation Panel Facade

Cosmica Transfer Tunnel Facade

Cosmica Hallway Building

Cosmica Hallway Facade

Cosmica Oxygen Storage Building

Cosmica Oxygen Storage Facade

Cosmica Small Hallway

Cosmica Solar Array

Cosmica Zeta Frame

Cosmica Zeta Roof

Dark Age

Dark Age Caravan Wagon

Dark Age Crash Cart

Dark Age Scrounger Outpost

Dark Age Slave Cages

Dark Age Tires


Ord Bulkhead

Ord Bulkhead Roof

Ord Pedestal

Ord Fire Point

Ord Terminus Vault

Ord Acquiry Terminus

Ord Acquiry Signal Enhancer

Ord Acquiry Uplink

Ord Acquiry Relay Station

Ord Door with Siege Ramp

Ord Citadel

Ord Buhkep

Ord Forge

Ord Ghrave

Ord Roof

Ord Moct

Ord Braun

Ord Grudobran

Comanche & Mt Zion


Black Eagle Landing Pad


Chemical Tanks

Command Bunker Platform

Crow's Nest


Kum Garage


Lafayette Landing Pad

Large Square Tower

Long Walkway

Long Wide Walkway


Mt Zion Bastion

Mt Zion Bulwark

Mt Zion Gate

Mt Zion Keep

Mt Zion Ladder

Mt Zion Mantlet

Mt Zion Rampart

Mt Zion Rampart Gate


Octagon 2.0

Pillbox Bunker

Pillbox Bunker Scout Platform


Pillbox Scout Tower

Short Narrow Tower

Short Walkway

Short Wide Tower

Short Wide Walkway

Small Square Tower

Spetznazs Tower


Tower Lamps

Van Zant Grotto

Walkway Lamps

Wide Mantlet


Morat Hemat Crates

Morat Taugak Corner Trench

Morat Taugak DoganĀ 

Morat Taugak Long Trench

Morat Taugak Narrow Gate Trench

Morat Taugak Short Trench

Morat Taugak Wide Gate Trench

Morat Taugak Headquarters

Morat Taugak Yaogat's Nest


Beta Frame

Gamma Frame

Stasis Coffin


Sunomata Arch

Sunomata Stairs

Sunomata Stairs and Archway

Sunomata Bridge

Sunomata Lanterns

Sunomata Pavillion

Sunomata Shrine


Steelwater Rail Tower


Lo Pan's Noodle Hut

Xiguan Alleyways

Xiguan Bridge

Xiguan Clinic

Xiguan Office Building

Xiguan Office Stairs

Xiguan Shop

Xiguan Tower